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It takes a Village to raise a child.  It takes a Village to support the ageing community and the people who care for them.

Help our loved ones feel like they belong. How? Explore and get creative! You know them best!

Our Wellbeing Activity Bags and concept have proven to bring families together.  A breakthrough for many. Empowering, Engaging and connecting, and even trying something new from the everyday is about lifting spirits and creating a fun, safe space for everyone.

New Zealand has an ageing population. The number of people aged 65+ years is increasing by about 80 people a day and is likely to reach 1 million people within six years.  The number of people in these older ages could reach 1.3 million around 2040, and 1.5 million by the 2050s.

Project Village exists to encourage and support primary caregivers and families caring for their loved ones in this challenging environment of COVID-19.  NZ’s restrictions have eased, but we still need to keep up healthy habits to keep ourselves and our aiga/family safe.

  It’s important to build resilience and find healthy ways to cope when it gets tough.

Through the power of Diversional and Recreational Therapy, together, we can enhance their quality of life and healthy wellbeing.

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Inspired to defeat the odds and making a positive change when COVID-19 first hit NZ 2020,  identifying a need to engage with our loved ones being cared for at home became evident.  In August 2021, we officiailly rolled out the initiative of the Wellbeing Activity Bag. We have  supported over 100 families from  the Hutt, Wellington, Poriua and Auckland.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors, people who have donated, and the volunteers for making this possiible.

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Thank you for supporting us

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