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It takes a Village to support the elderly and people with disabilities.

Help our loved ones feel like they belong. How? Explore and get creative! You know them best!

Our Wellbeing Activity Bags have proven to bring families together.  A breakthrough for many. Engaging, connecting, and even trying something new from the everyday is about lifting spirits and creating a fun space for everyone.

New Zealand has an ageing population.  Project Village exists to encourage and support primary caregivers and families caring for their loved ones in this challenging environment of COVID-19. It’s important to build resilience and find healthy ways to cope when it gets tough.

Project Village are building relationships with passionate business groups to improve the way we engage and connect through the power of recreational activity. Together, we can promote healthy wellbeing.

MISSION STATEMENT:  Empowering families to engage and connect with their loved ones.

VALUES: Take the lead. Ignite their spark. Improve their quality of life.

Spread the message.......

Inspired to defeat the odds and making a positive change when COVID-19 first hit NZ 2020,  identifying a need to engage with our loved ones being cared for at home became evident. In August 2021 we officiailly rolled out the initiative of the Wellbeing Activity Bag and in response to the ongoing COVID-19.

So far we have supported 58 families between Aug-Nov 2021. Families  have come from Wellington, Porirua, Hutt and Auckland.

Thank you to so many of our supporters, people who donated to help make this possible.

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Thank you for supporting us