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Older persons with
limited mobility 


Memory Books

Provide memory books or create one with colourful large pictures of their favourite things eg  baking, had a pet cat, loved fishing, gardening, cultural food. Together not only stimulates the mind but also creates a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment

Visit the Garden

During the warmer season, your loved one with limited mobility will enjoy spending time outdoors, even in shaded areas. Exposure to natural light and fresh air can improve their well-being and circadian rhythms.

Entertain with Old-Time

Movies, Cultural Celebrations

and more

Watching their old time classic movies or TV shows, cultural events, family celebrations/milestones and discussing them afterward is a wonderful way to engage and connect.

Provide a light-relaxing

massage / fofo

If your loved one enjoys being pampered, ask if they would like a light massage. Using essential oils for hand or foot massages can provide comfort and relief while facilitating conversations.

Get active with light

upper body movements

Engage in light upper body exercises through activities like balloon games or singing songs with actions. This helps maintain physical function and adds a fun element

Pamper the Ladies

Offer pampering sessions by moisturising their faces, combing their hair, doing their nails, and applying lipstick if desired. This act of care can boost self-esteem and well-being

Play Music

Music is a powerful mood enhancer. Tune in to their preferred radio station or provide an iPod with a playlist of their favourite songs. Explore music from their culture if they speak a language other than english.

Put together some Jigsaw Puzzles

Large jigsaw puzzles with beautiful images can be a source of entertainment and reminiscence. These puzzles can be placed on the bedside table for easy access.

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