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Easy Guide at home
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What’s a Wellbeing Activity Bag?  A selection of varied recreational tools and resources to cater to a range of physical abilities and mental capacities.  Engage and enjoy with your loved one in many ways as possible.  Some of the benefits that will assist in the daily routine; maintain motor skills, establish a sense of ownership and independence, gain a feeling of accomplishment and promote emotional connection and self-expression.

What is Diversional & Recreational Therapy (DRT)?  DRT is the use of therapeutic recreation, meaningful activities, to enhance people wellbeing domains (spiritual, cultural, physical, emotional and physical). DRT introduced into the home will open up a whole new world and conversations about the way we care for our loved ones at home.

What is a Diversional & Recreational Therapist (DRTh)? We believe that every single person has huge potential regardless of their age or ability and we do our very best to create joyful engagement for the people in our care. A DRTh is the person who creates and facilitates greater opportunities for social interactions.  DRThs play one of the most important roles in today’s society. They are storytellers, the healers, the lovers and the peacemakers.  A DRTh is the person changing the culture of care.

Please note: Any outdoor activities mentioned here is for COVID-19 free situation or risk levels where our loved ones are safe to go out and about. If in doubt go to


If your loved one isn’t interested in the activity, just take a break, or ask them what they would like to do. You should focus on the process of the activity, not the results. What matters the most is that your loved one enjoys the time and feels useful.

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Trial - Wellbeing Activity Homecare Assessment

Auckland - July 2022


The first trial was carried out by Registered Diversional and Recreational Therapists, Orquidea Tamayo-Mortera and Vaelupe Hill. Mua is Vaelupe's aunty.

Mua's capacity to do the activities on her own is very limited due to her intellect disability .so I brought back 3 activities that I believe it won’t work for her, like 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, Animal album and my life Journey.

She loves the water paint colouring set, the big cards with animals pictures on it. I showed her a picture of a duck and the asked her what bird is it ? In Samoan she said pato which she was right. And then from there I asked other questions about the same subject while the caregiver was listening and she will do it with her when she’s there.

I took a Samoan CD songs I played it and she got up straight away and dancing hard out .
I added another activity in the bag which was normal size balloons and 2 fly swaps to play a balloon volleyball game with her she loves it big smile on her face. That’s my big pay rise for today 

Wainuiomata - September 2022


This trial was carried out by Vaelupe Hill, Lagi observer.

Talofa lava and happy Sunday team, it was a blessing and a well received visit Meli for both sides especially our chat with Mama Meli. It seems like we’ve known each other for years. Meli is a very independent lady and she can manage her own personal care. She also does chores at home like feeding the dog and letting him in and out for toilet break while her daughter is at work.

She lives with her youngest daughter and son in law. She goes to day care twice a week, goes to church if the weather is good and the other three days she’s staying home and these are the days that Project Village can help her out while she’s waiting for her aiga to come home after work.

By talking to her yesterday and seeing her ability to do things we now have an idea of what type of activities would be suitable until her daughter gets home.

1) I suggested a Samoan newspaper subscription and delivered to her home weekly or

2) Samoan adult colouring books.
3) Picture frames or even a plain black and white picture of a Samoan Taupou( Samoan lady) or a Samoan fale together with some art material that island people usually use to make or build a home or decorate a lady such as feathers, flax, shells, stones and sticks.

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