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Whilst everyone has different experiences during lockdown, our bubble has increased from six to eight as a change to last year. My parents have been living with us the last 4-5 months and as an elderly pair, we’ve had to make alterations with our schedules to ensure we’re accommodating their needs.

My father (79) is still mentally and physically active, grows tired easily, but maintains daily contact with everyone via telephone. Landline telephone 

My mother (71) is mid-way progressed with dementia, still has her wits about her (albeit for short moments) and is still physically strong despite her knees struggling to keep up. However, she is gradually providing challenges with her short retention of memory and her repetitive questions, resulting in a constant rotation of company to ‘share the load’.

Beyond the difficult moments, we as a family continue to learn:
– To be adaptable to living with a person with dementia.
– To grow our patience and not react with frustration.
– Alternating our routine to provide support.
– Strengthening each other through trying moments.


As we continuously face challenges accommodating for my parents, we can’t be more thankful for the support we have within close range. We acknowledge our church and family communities; the government support through many services; and also the uprising of multiple bodies providing great assistance that canvas over a greater mass than they can often handle – but we never hear about their struggles, only about how rewarding their duties and jobs are. We are appreciative of where we live – Aotearoa, and its supporting services afforded to us through the application of care, love and support from these providers.

We recognise our recent encounter with one of these groups who have helped us keep mum entertained during this lockdown period – PROJECT VILLAGE. The delivery of Activity Bags for in-house entertainment has come of great use and relief. Mum is enjoying the activities and even better, our daughters have options with their interactions with their Nana. Mum being an loyal Housie participant is particularly fond of the Bingo set. Learning to play Snakes & Ladders has been a delightful debate ; colouring books keeps her creativity alive; the Jumbo playing cards are hard to lose and easy to sight; and the Poppits allows mum to fidget while sitting and watch tv.

Thank you to Project Village for reaching out to our families and communities, we continue to pray for protection and blessings over your works, especially the people you bless. Ia manuia lava outou ma outou galuega fai ona o lo outou alolofa ma agalelei i o tatou tagata.

Fa’afetai lava,
MALAGAMAALI’I Family of Wellington


Hey Project Village,

We would like to thank you for the things that you guys have sent for my family and i to enjoy. My dad has been through a lot these past few years and good acts like this brings joy to his heart, he enjoyed all the games and activities. Not only did it make him happy physically but mentally. So thank you again!

Pei of the Moetu family, Porirua


Project Village were delighted to receive more family updates. The lovely Shanae had lots of fun making a bird feeder, a wall hanging, and a painting on the canvas. She has had help from her social worker but came up with the ideas herself. Great work Shanae!

Sina Maa of Upper Hutt


Mum was unable to see the Bingo cards, her 2nd eye surgery is on 22/10 so we played Jenga instead lol. A lot of fun! 

She said she’s going to rest now, the pressure of Jenga was too much lol. And she loved it!!! 

I ended up being the one to collapse the Jenga tower . I lost to Mum and my two girls lol Absolutely sis. When it’s not Lockdown, Mum doesn’t get home till nightfall because she’s out with her friends or at social groups for the elderly etc. She is very independent. This lockdown is hard for her but she’s getting a lot of her quilt sewing done.

These activities are a welcome break for her to do more things with my girls while we are in lockdown. Love to you all 

The Fepuleai’ Family of Auckland

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