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Older persons with

Board Games

  • Bingo with numbers or pictures

  • Snakes & Ladders

  • Connect 4

  • Checkers

  • Dominos

  • Jenga building blocks

  • Quoits (requires throwing small hoops. Can be done standing up or sitting down) sit back 3 metres and aim to get it over the target.

  • Play cards- suipi, last card, go fish, snap, memory game

  • Pin the village/town (like pin the tail on the donkey)
    Blind fold or ask to close their eyes & pin the village/town print out or drawing on a large A3 paper or scrap book.

  • Painting on a canvas

  • Colouring in – felt pens and colouring in books

  • Arts and crafts

What you will need

Board games vary from
The Warehouse, Kmart, $2 bargain stores between $7-$25.

Or create your own out of cardboard, paper, scissors, glue, felt pens, look items that can be used as counters. E.g., Little stones/pebbles, search through the kid’s drawers in their rooms.

Find an old vase/container/empty small box. Select flowers/plants in your backyard or buy artificial from the $2 bargain stores.

Acrylic paints, blank canvas, paint brush & stencil sets at the above stores.


Ask permission, but also check mum’s linen cupboard for used material fabrics, table cloths, old sheets. You can create together a small patchwork cloth for the tray table or a cover for the cushion.

Something personal will be of sentimental value to the creation.

Exercise & Physical Activity

  • Dancing to music –
    Turn on their favourite music they grew up with

  • Very light exercise, depending on their stage

  • Indoor bowls
    In a circle each family member sitting down. Place the white ball anywhere within the circle. In 2 teams blue and red (whatever colours you have)
    Each member will alternate to throw their colour team ball. The closest colour ball to the white ball wins.

  • Cooking & baking

What you will need


Indoor bowls -Get creative! Roll up coloured socks and use black or white socks as the target. Buy packet of coloured tennis balls at the Warehouse ($15) or Buy sensory coloured balls at Kmart/The Warehouse (*-$15)

Go Out and About

  • Go shopping together

  • A car ride & buy their favourite

  • Visit their favourite place around town

What you will need

Reliable car


Reminisce about their LIfe

  • Start interviewing taking videos of your loved one.

  • Watch favourite videos of their culture, songs/music/movies

  • Look through photos and make a photo album

  • Watch family videos together

  • Ask about their favourite memories around a particular topic, what they remember about their parents/siblings/going on the bus rides around the island/swimming at the local beach, family bar b ques/ shopping at the local market.

Bible Games  |  Reading


  • Look up chapter….Each person will have or share a bible. Can be done individually or in teams of 2.

  • With a closed bible, the caller will then have a chapter open and call out to the family…The first person to look up Psalms 1 v 3….

  • The first person to read out the correct chapter and verse will gain 1 point.

What you will need

English or bible in your own language

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